How to avoid those flat pack pit falls.

Here we go, our first blog in a long time. Few people relish the challenge of tackling the flat pack, some, we would say even dread it. We have four tips that will help relieve some of the stress of the assembly, however we can’t guarantee it.

  1. A place to build. Small items can be assembled almost anywhere. Larger items may need assembling where they’re going to be used. Clear enough space so you can work safely around the item and room. To avoid damage to parts try to assemble the item on a carpeted floor or use a large folded dust sheet on hard floors.

  1. Check that everything you need is in the pack. When you purchase your flat pack it should come with a check list of items used in the assembly of your item. Remove everything from the box/boxes. For the moment leave fixings (screws and dowels etc.) in their bags. With the check list at hand and the items in front of you check that all bits and parts are correct and the right quantity. If the instructions say that it requires two people for the job, then recruit the required help.

  1. Right tools for the right job. Gather all the tools required before you start. We’ve always find a carpenters bradawl very useful when building items. Sometimes the points where screws go are not very evident and the bradawl can make them easier to screw in to. Also gather several bowls or dishes to use as fixing holders, sort all the fixings in to separate dishes by size, eg screw length, dowel size and tacks etc.

  1. Follow the instructions from the start to finish, don’t try to second guess how the item is built. Even hardened flat pack assemblers like us, always follow the map, it will save you time believe it or not. If the item requires glue on joints don’t be to heavy handed, a small amount of glue will spread a good way especially when compressed in a tight joint.

When you’ve finished, if you have parts or bits leftover, panic! Unless you had extra to start with. If you have nothing leftover and the item stands and looks good, take your right hand over your left shoulder and pat several times, well done!

Till the next time, happy doings, from us at Mr Fixing It to you.