Re-Felting a Shed roof

Re-felting a shed roof.

When your old shed starts to leak, there’s two things you can do.
1. Patch any rips or tears in the current felt, or
2. Replace the felt completely.

Patching is a quick fix, but not a reliable way of looking after your shed, some faults may not be as obvious as a rip or tear in the felt, water finds its own level and way through small cuts or punchers. A complete re-roof is a far more effective way of fixing a leak.

It can appear to be a big task to undertake, however the end result is very satisfying. Begin by removing all the old felt fascia boards, strips and any nails used to hold it down. Inspect and check the roof timbers for rot and or damage, replace any part of the timbers that need changing

Apex Roof or Flat?

If you have an apex roof you’ll need to place a strip of felt along each side of the roof with a 1 ½ to 2 inch overlap around the edges. Using felt nails, nail down the overlap edges in to the side of the shed roof. Take another strip of felt for the apex of the roof and again overlap the edges, using a cold felt adhesive seal the apex felt to the two side pieces again finish off by nailing the edges down and refit fascias or strips.

A Flat roof.

Start by removing all the felt and edging strips. A flat roof as a slope so you need to start at the bottom end of the roof, again overlap the edge of the roof. Place the next piece on top of the first strip by 3 to 4 inches using cold felt adhesive, continue doing this till you reach the top edge of the roof. Again finish of by nailing down the overlapped edges and refit fascias or strips.

From your felt replacement buddies at Mr Fixing It.,