The Gallery

The Fixing Gallery

Welcome to the Gallery, here we’ll feature jobs we have undertaken but only with the permission of the customer concerned.

The first one on the page is Kevin’s Kitchen floor.

Before we started, Kevin had already ripped out the old flooring, so we started with the bare concrete floor. Removing the back door in order to make fitting easier.

Floor complete back door re-hung, Job done.


Mrs J, Halesowen had very blocked and dirty gutters.

Keeping gutters clear of moss and dirt helps stop damage to your property.

Cleaning plastic is easy with a little water and household cleaning agent.

Job done.

Tiling a bathroom

We love blank walls but they’re not always true.

Before we started and getting going.

Finished, grouted and cleaned up, we didn’t do the Red paint job, some customers do like to do a little something.

From Flat pack to Bounce back.

We were assured someone was going to enjoy this little treat. Had a little go, just to make sure it was safe.

Shed Flat pack big job.

We first laid the brick and slab base to ensure a level and sturdy finished structure.

IMG-20121101-00032  IMG-20121101-00033 IMG-20121101-00034IMG-20121101-00035 IMG-20121102-00038 The Finished Job

The big laugh on this job was the Chinese to English translation assembly will take many hours. This was not an understatement but many hours later the job was completed satisfactorily

All Change Sink

Old sink coming out.                                                         New Sink in with Oak Worktop

IMG-20140130-00018                                                      IMG-20140131-00021     

Just a bit of finishing off to do with new back splash tiles to be grouted and sealant around sink.


Let’s Face it

Old Felt front.                                Part way                                          All done.

IMG-20140225-00031                  IMG-20140225-00032                   IMG-20140227-00035