Changing an electric shower unit.

How to change an electric shower.

A straight swap like for like electric shower unit is relatively easy to do. However if you’re unsure about your abilities to tackle water and electrics then contact someone who can help. First identify what the original unit is rated at i.e. 7.5 Kw or 8.5 Kw Then source a replacement of the same rate. You can upgrade to a higher rating 8.5 kw to 10.5 kw however, this will require checking out the electrical supply, correct cable size and correct rated RCB or old school fuse.

So a straight swap is easier to do. Now, isolate both the electric and water supply to the shower unit, with older installations this may mean turning the water off at the stop tap inside the property, this is usually found under or near the kitchen sink, but not always. Once the electric supply is switch off, you can begin remove the old unit, turn on the cold water tap on the sink to drain off water in the pipes, this will save the water running down your arm when you undo the supply in the shower unit. Remove the front cover of the unit, normally held by two screws one on top and one on the bottom. You should then be able to see both the electric and water supplies coming in. Use a meter to test that the electric is off i.e. zero volts on the terminals. Remove the wires from the terminal block and move them out of the way so you can loosen the nut on the inlet pipe. Once the pipe work is loose, locate the fixing screws for the shower and remove these. Again there’s normally two, the one at the bottom of the unit which may need to come out all together, the one at the top usually what maybe in a slotted hole. (Technical term coming up) jiggle the unit about to help release the water supply pipe. Once this is done it should come away from the wall easily. Dispose of at will. Fit the new unit in accordance with the manufacturers fitting instruction.

If there isn’t an isolation valve fitted shower supply, find a suitable place and fit one in, this will aid you if there are any issues when commissioning the new shower.

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