The re-installation of a toilet

Well, what better place to begin than at installation of a Bath, the object to which the Bathroom derives its name. However at Mr Fixing It, we feel that then next important thing you would wish to install into your bathroom would be the toilet. The removal and replace of a toilet is so relatively simple that replacement is exactly as the reverse to removal.

Therefore, as with the bath, the first thing you want to do when fiddling around with waterworks is turn the water supply off. Now you must turn the miniature valve until the slot is cutting across the pipe to isolate the water supply. Remove the toilet cover from the cistern and flush the toilet, making sure it does not refill. Now you can carefully undo the nut from the bottom of the cistern, the thread will likely be plastic so take care not to damage it. Simply slide the nut down the pipe and ease the pipe away from the bottom of the cistern. If you also have an external overflow pipe simply remove the nut and disconnect that pipe from the bottom of the cistern also.
Now you can remove the screws from the base of the toilet, one of the easier jobs of the most to getting the toilet removed. Now you can carefully pull the toiler forward whilst remaining with the waste pipe in position. Once the waste pipe is clear from the toilet you can now completely remove the toilet. However it might be quite heavy so you may need some sort of assistance in removing it to a safer storage position. The U bend will also more than likely still contain water, slope the toilet towards the front so the water is drawn into the pan.

As stated before installation is the exact reverse of removal and overall can prove to be a lot easier, without the water in the pan.
I hope that you found this toilet removal and installation guide useful and remember to turn the mini valve to the correct position when installing the toilet. Valve faces the same way as the pipe. From your Bathroom busting bro’s at Mr Fixing It.