The installation of a sink

Removing and replacing a bathroom sink.

Removing a sink is one of the easier options when asked to mess with any waterworks in the bathroom. Simply switch off the water supply, this will either be isolation valves on the pipes or the main water supply to the property, if there’s a hot water tank supply you’ll need to shut off the isolation tap from the tank. Have a bowl ready under the sink to catch any water when removing the water trap from the waste and the water pipes under the sink. It may be a bit of trouble removing these pipes as they may have been there for some time. Locate the fixing screw/bolts holding the sink to the wall and remove them, the sink should then lift out without any trouble.
Fitting the sink is the slightly harder part as it will include a few more steps, more steps means more work of course. You may be able to simply fit the sink into position and fit the sink taps and waste as they were. However, when changing a sink most people change taps, some from two to one or mono. In which case you will need to use new flexible tap connectors to get the taps to fit. If there are no isolation valves fitted on the hot and cold pipes fit them. Make sure you use gaskets and washers that are supplied to keep everything water tight. If there is one you will need to connect the overflow with the waste pipe using the parts that were supplied with the sink (most bathroom sinks have built in overflow), place the sink into position and make sure that all of the pipes can be easily connected from the position your are in. Remove the sink and follow the manufacturers instructions for sealing and fastening the sink, now you may fit the sink and tighten plumbing connections. Remember to check the connections. Turn the water back on and check for leaks on new fittings. now fill the sink with the plug in. Release the water and check all connections again tighten any connections that have leaks on them. No leaks job done.

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