Sizing a wall for painting.

People in the painting and decorating trade may decide to give this the technical name of sizing a wall, but here at Mr Fixing It, we like to keep it simple and let you know that this is simply how to prepare a wall for painting.
There are a few simple steps that should be followed so this will not be a mammoth blog this time, clear up the area that you will be painting in, by removing everything from the area. This also means removing any fixtures and fittings from the wall when possible. If you cannot remove all of them you may cover some of them fully so as they do not get covered in paint.

You should now clean your wall surface with a light damp rag to clean away any dust of dirt, make sure to wait for the wall to dry though! Once you have used your tool to pick out any imperfections or lumps or bumps and have then filled these back in with filler you can start by taping your edges so that the paint does not spread to parts you do not want it to. Use two pieces of tape one thinner than the other to use the thinner as a seam to hold the paint behind the large tape area.

Remember to put plastic or paper or some sort of cover over the floor underneath where you are painting so that drips cannot spread on to the floor and make sure to keep the paint away from your hands or feet. To prepare the wall for actual painting you should use a thinner paint that has been slightly watered down before applying to the wall, this allows the wall to soak in the paint and the colour ready for the next few thicker coats.

I hope you have enjoyed this short blog of how to size walls for painting, from your paint preparing friends at Mr Fixing It.